Explorer Aircraft, Inc.
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Explorer Aircraft, Inc.
Explorer Aircraft, Inc.  Explorer Aircraft, Inc.  Explorer Aircraft, Inc.
Explorer Aircraft, Inc.  Explorer Aircraft, Inc.

Bryan E. Lynch
Chief Executive Officer

Charles W. Yeargain
Chief Financial Officer


About Explorer Aircraft Inc.

Explorer Aircraft Inc. purchased an innovative Australian company which developed the Explorer family of aircraft. The Australian company had over 20 years of experience in design, modification and operations learned in one of the most rugged countries and cost-conscious aviation communities in the world. It is from this Australian environment that the idea for Explorer aircraft was conceived. The 500T proof of concept aircraft was manufactured and flight tested in Australia and has proven to be extremely successful validating its design goals.

"The aircraft performed so well, Explorer Aircraft, Inc. was established to bring the family of aircraft to the global marketplace."

Market research carried out at that time determined there was strong demand for a multi-role utility aircraft with an eight to ten seat capacity and the need would grow as the current fleet of aircraft met their age limits. According to GAMA, the average age of light twins with up to six seats now exceeds 34 years in the US. Twins with more than 7 seats average 38 years old!

A proof of concept aircraft, the Explorer 500T, was produced to develop the innovative and key features of the aircraft and to show the end users the benefits this design has to offer. At the same time the design team conceived of a family of aircraft based on the current philosophy of Integrated Product Process Development (IP/PD) which is now being used by some leading aircraft companies. The plans for each model are well thought out and all family members are designed concurrently. With this philosophy there are great cost benefits in the design and certification processes.

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Explorer Aircraft, Inc.  Explorer Aircraft, Inc.
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