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Explorer Aircraft, Inc.  Explorer Aircraft, Inc.  Explorer Aircraft, Inc.
Explorer Aircraft, Inc.  Explorer Aircraft, Inc.

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Turbine Explorer 750T

The Explorer 750T is the turboprop workhorse of the new big singles. This 16 passenger aircraft (depending on local regulations) provides versatility for your business whether carrying cargo or people, or even both. The huge roomy cabin offers unsurpassed comfort for your passengers and accommodates bulky cargo on the flat cabin floor. With a total of 480 cu. ft. of cargo space, the 750T will be the largest cargo-dedicated single-engine turboprop available.

Now you can have performance that exceeds commuter twin engine aircraft, carry more cargo and people but with single engine operating costs.



All specifications are preliminary, based on manufacturer's calculations, and subject to change. All performance figures are based on standard day, standard atmosphere, sea level, gross weight conditions unless otherwise noted.

Dimensions External

Wing span

58 ft

17.7 m

Wing aspect ratio



Length overall

40 ft 6 in

12.3 m

Height overall

15 ft 6 in

4.72 m

Dimensions Internal

Cabin length

16 ft 9 in

5.16 m

Max width

5 ft 1 in

1.55 m

Max height

4 ft 5 in

1.35 m


400 cu ft

11.3 cu m

Cargo pod

80 cu

2.3 cu m

Weights & Loadings

Weight empty

5000 lbs

2267 kg

Max takeoff weight

9000 lbs

4082 kg

Max useful load

4000 lbs

1815 kg

Max wing loading

30 psf


Max power loading

12.0 lb/HP



Cruise speed

190 KTAS

Stalling speed (flaps down)

61 KT

Max rate of climb, sea level

1200 ft/ min

Service ceiling

25000 ft

7600 m

Takeoff distance, ground roll

1200 ft

Max range

900 nm


Integral wing fuel tanks

400 gallons

1513 litres

Power Plant

Pratt & Whitney PT6-60A


4 blade Hartzell propeller


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Explorer Aircraft, Inc.  Explorer Aircraft, Inc.
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